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Weddings In Paris – Part 2

At long last…Part 2!

Notes from the Wedding Lady…

  • Fresh flowers are worn in the hair, sometimes one or two, but often a garland of flowers on crown of head with larger blooms.
  • Bridal bouquets are very loose and bound together with exquisite ribbon or lace form the gown.  Many brides are having small bouquets almost nosegay size, with very dainty flowers all one colour so as not to take away from the style of the gown.
  • If gown is very simple in design and fabric, the bouquet can be larger and trailing with mixed flowers, although whites and greens are still very popular.

Eiffle Tower blackwhite

  • I was told in Paris “makeup is all very natural madame and all about the eyes”.
  • Pale lipstick is popular or very deep crimson/red.  Soft blush on the face and sometimes “a bit of sparkle”.
  • Eyes are the statement and are done very detailed, always with lashes and dramatic with shading in all the right places.
  • They use a lot of makeup but want the look to be natural and light.
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