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Susan Hyatt – The Wedding Lady
has been creating dream weddings and events for clients from all over the world for over 25 years. Her expertise, exclusive industry connections, sophisticated and calm manner will help guide you through the planning process. She will work closely with your budget, ensuring all the details are seen to with perfection. If you’d like to enquire about her Maui Wedding Planning Services, please click here.

I’m grateful to have spent my entire career with a front row seat to true love, as I’ve planned dream weddings for couples in Vancouver, B.C. and Maui. After many wonderful years of planning Vancouver weddings, in 2018 I will be focusing solely on Maui Weddings and designing tablescapes through Tabletops by Susan.

It takes a talented team to pull off a perfect wedding and I’m extremely grateful to the vendors I’ve worked with in Vancouver, many of whom I consider great friends. I will continue to highly recommend their services.


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