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Canadian Wedding Planner – Susan Hyatt

Professional maple_leafCanadian Wedding Planner for Over 25 years

Specializing in weddings planning for Vancouver, BC and Maui Hawaii Locations, Susan Hyatt, has come to be known as The Wedding Lady.

Vancouver Wedding Planner Susan HyattWhy Hire a Wedding Planner?

Busy Lifestyles:

Planning a wedding on your own can quickly turn into a full time job, and when you already have one full time job, there’s barely room for another! Let me, The Wedding Lady – a Canadian wedding planner – take all of that stress off of your back and leave you to the fun decisions, like tasting the cakes!


Wedding planners have the experience needed to know the best things to be done in what order and at what time. My job as a Canadian Wedding Planner is to keep things simple, personalize, and organized.

The Tie Breaker:

Sometimes, it’s hard to make that final decision, whether it’s something small like meatballs or quiche or large like venue or beach.  As The Wedding Lady, a Canadian Wedding Planner, it is my job to help with that decision! With my 25 years of experience, I’ll know exactly what will work with your budget and help you make those difficult decisions.

Budget & Loyalty:

Budget is the big word in weddings, and luckily, a wedding planner has trade secrets! After 25 years in the wedding planning business, I, as well as many other wedding planners, have long standing loyalty with vendors. This means you’ll get everything you need for your wedding at a much more affordable cost! You and your wallet will be happy on your wedding day!

Stressfree & Happy:

Stress can turn the happiest moment of your life to the most sour moment of your life; it can turn your relationship into a battlefield and render your wedding exhausting. Many brides find that their excitement at the beginning of planning has dwindled down to the phrase, “I can’t wait until this is all over.” I believe that no bride should feel like that about any part of their wedding planning process. A wedding planner is there to take all of that stress off of you, allowing you to have the time of your life! On the big day, the wedding planner turns into the wedding coordinator, allowing you to keep your eyes strictly on your prize!

Client Testimonials

Canadian Wedding Planner Susan Hyatt

Dear Susan,

Susan, from the day we met i knew our wedding would be “awesome”. It was Our Wedding was a day to remember , “magnifident”, yes… the second time around.

We had a wonderful time and were in such good hands.

Thanks Wedding Lady

Ed and Cecilia,
Canadian Wedding Planner Services

Canadian Wedding Planner Susan Hyatt

Dear Susan,

Our Wedding one the beach was beautiful. We’ll have wonderfull memories.

Allision and Guido, Vancouver , Canada
Canadian Wedding Planner Services

Canadian Wedding Planner Susan Hyatt

Dear Susan, our Wonderful Wedding Lady:

Thank you so much. Our Wedding day in Vancouver was perfect in every way.


Mabel and Ken
Canadian Wedding Planner Services

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