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Maui Wedding Planning & Packing


Maui is a beautiful destination for a wedding! Having been a Maui Wedding Planner for 25 years, I’ve seen beautiful brides, and I’ve seen sun-burned brides; with this list, I want to prepare you for your destination wedding adventure. When planning your Maui wedding, be sure you remember these items!

Spectacular Maui Wedding Planner’s Packing List:

  • Layered clothing – Temperatures in Maui range from 15-25 degrees F to 96 degrees F, depending on where on the island you are; so bring all sorts of clothing options; you never know where your Maui wedding adventures will take you!
  • Sunscreen, Parasol, Sunglasses – Hawaii isn’t the island of the sun for nothing! Be sure you bring these items; many brides have closed their wedding ceremonies only to look back on bright red skin on their wedding day! Don’t let yourself become the “Lobster Bride.” Please, listen to 25 years of Destination Planner experience!
  • Cellphone & Chargers – Even though you may love the idea of escaping home during your Maui Wedding, be sure to keep your phone on you during your Maui wedding in case of emergencies.
  • Books, entertainment – A relaxing day at the beach isn’t perfect without a great book!
    The usual – clothes, emergency travel items, first aid kit, and of course, the wedding dress.

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Gift yourself the gift of a Wedding Planner in Maui for your wedding! You’ll be very happy you did!

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