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Vancouver – Vanessa and Tyler

Vanessa & Tyler Stunning Vancouver Wedding

Tyler and Vanessa met through a mutual friend on Canada day when they were 17 years old. They went there separate ways that evening never knowing that they would meet two years later at one of the local hangouts and begin a 6 year relationship that would lead to marriage. Tyler and Vanessa’s first date was a traditional dinner and a movie, allowing them time to learn about important things in each others lives. They discovered having strong relationships with family was important to both of them.

Along with both of their families history of fishing along the coast of British Columbia, Tyler also shared his love of sports, lacrosse in particular, and Vanessa soon become one of his biggest fans and supporters. Tyler’s lacrosse career eventually moved him to San Jose and the relationship become stronger for the time they were forced to spend apart. Tyler proposed to Vanessa on her birthday and they celebrated that evening with all of their closest friends. They knew they needed a spectacular Vancouver wedding planner.


The wedding took place at Fairview Baptist Church followed by a reception at Heritage Hall with 135 of their dearest friends and families. The day went off without a hitch, the food was superb and the guests danced the night away despite the incredible heat!







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