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Nikole and Francis – Vancouver Wedding September 2015


We would say that our love story begins with friendship. We became acquainted with each other in grade 9 through mutual friends in high school. We found that we never ran out of things to talk about especially when it came to our mutual love for cartoons and classic rock.

I would like to say we would always find each other but according to Francis, I would always find him no matter where he was at school. As close as we were, we were not romantically interested in each other at the time. Although looking back, we suppose even though we dated other people we probably spent more time with each other.

2a-Getting Ready1

2b-getting ready2final

Once we graduated high school, Francis entered the practical nursing program at Sprott Shaw Community College while I was at Simon Fraser University starting my first year of general studies. We went a few months without speaking while we were both on our own paths. Until one day, I decided to call him like I used to. I missed our conversations and our time together. Life was somehow less interesting and incomplete without him around. As we reconnected over a few months, I ended up breaking up with my boyfriend at the time. At this point, Francis and I had reached a moment in our lives when there were no other people who had our hearts. As we started spending time together again, we quickly started to realize that everyone else around us knew we were meant to be together while we were actually the clueless ones. Neither of our families were surprised when we told them we were dating. The general response among our family and friends was “It’s about time!”.

3a-getting ready men

3b-Getting Ready

We shared our first kiss on Francis’s 20th birthday (September 30th, 2006). During a trip to Las Vegas, Francis proposed to me in front of the Bellagio fountains with the Eiffel tower at the Paris Hotel behind us.

So many people think that they shouldn’t fall in love with their best friend because they are afraid of what would happen if it doesn’t work out as planned. We are so grateful that we took that risk. We would best describe our love story as if we took friendship and put it in a wine bottle. We put it on a shelf for a bit and let it age while we watched it get better and more interesting over time.

4-Going to Church

As a couple, we enjoy going on out on “foodie” dates and savouring the delicious cuisine Vancouver has to offer. Gastown and Yaletown are our favourite dining areas.    We enjoy going to concerts and having movie nights. After our honeymoon in France, we now have a strong desire to travel and see more of the world. We are looking forward to more adventures together.

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8-Family shot

Family 1

Wedding Party-Parents


Venue: The Arbutus Club  Photography: Brendon Purdy Photography  Flowers: Maureen Sullivan Floral Design School  Jewellery and French Head Veil: Jeweliette Jewellery 

Dear Susan…thank you so much for all of the meetings, emails and phone calls.  You have been an absolute asset to both of us throughout our wedding planning journey.  Knowing that we had someone like you to ask questions, if needed, and guide us in the right direction.  We appreciate all that you have done for us.

Love Nikole and Francis

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