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Keith & Sarah – July 2016

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Keith and Sarah met in 2012 at a local restaurant in Raby Bay near to their home.  They often recall one of the first things that attracted both of them to each other was their big smiles and laughter.  They were both in the same situation whereby they came from close families that lived overseas whilst their home was Australia. This gave them a loving and caring understanding and they soon became each other’s best friend. They share the same passion of travel and they try and live by the same morals of communication, teamwork and love conquers all.

(Credits: Flowers: Artistry in Flowers Photographer: Darla Fulani Photography Makeup: Denise Elliot Venue: Northview Golf and Country Club

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We live in Australia and we were so blessed to have Susan plan our special day for us. Many emails, ideas and questions later, Susan gave us the wedding we had dreamed of and more. We arrived in Vancouver four days prior to our wedding and met Susan for a rehearsal two days before the wedding. Susan was welcoming, calm and reassuring. This was the first time we had seen the Venue and we were in awe of it.  The day of our wedding was truly magical. Susan had thought of many things to personalise our wedding that were unique and personal to us.

Thank you Susan. You made our day a beautiful memory that will be etched in our hearts forever.

Love Sarah and Keith

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