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Caroline and John


John and I met while both working at a community centre.  John was the trainer and I worked the front desk.  Every time we saw each other we would smile or say hello.  That was the extent of our interactions.  You could say we were both a little shy.

One day my friend and I went to a drop-in abs class at the community centre and guess who the instructor was???  I definitely tried a little harder to impress John and make him think I was in better shape than I was…lol.


According to John, he sent me a friend request on Facebook but I ended up declining it.  After that he decided to act cool and uninterested around me and according to him that’s when I started noticing him.  In my defense I never received the friend request. I always had a secret crush on him but was too shy to do anything about it.  In the end we finally became Facebook friends (Phew!!) and started chatting from time-to-time.  Then one day in early December John randomly asked me to go catch a bite to eat downtown.  After that we were inseparable.

On June 4, 2013 John and I decided to ride our bikes to Ambleside in West Vancouver and have a picnic.  While we were there John kept saying “let’s play a game”.  I thought this was a little strange seeing as he has never said that nor has he shown any interest in playing any kind of game.  Then all of a sudden he had me close my eyes and when I opened them he was on one knee holding the most beautiful, perfect engagement ring.  I knew he was planning on proposing and I was so excited but I was still shocked and surprised!

3-getting ready (9)

4-getting ready (7)

5-Before ceremony_l

6-ceremony (76)

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9-After Ceremony (2)


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13-reception1 (3)

14-reception2 (4)


John and I were so lucky to have Susan Hyatt as our wedding planner and my future mother in law. She helped us make our day a dream! She was on top of everything and was always available in case we needed her. Everyone that we used (photography, videography, venue, reverend, cake, etc.) were contacts that Susan had and I would definitely recommend all of them again! She stands by who she refers.

I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful mother-in-law.