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With so many brides to be and another popular engagement month coming up in December, I wanted to touch on some beauty tips and essentials for that Important Day…The Wedding.

Tip from The Wedding Lady™

Stay true to yourself.  I feel most brides are radiant on their wedding day, when they look natural. Makeup should enhance, rather than mask the woman wearing it.


Nadia Albana of Nadia Albano Style Inc., says “Consultation is vital for brides and a trial run before the wedding to ensure the bride is comfortable about her choice and sees the finished product.”  “Trendy and what is in style, does not work for everyone. You have to select the ‘right look’ for your hair type”.   Nadia goes on to say “Do not do hair colour right before the wedding or any changes”.

Trends by Nadia…braids are very popular, low, to side to centre to accent the style the bride has chosen. Hair extensions continue to be very popular. Nadia also mentioned that many brides will pay the extra and change hairstyle and makeup for reception.

scan0142Vanessa Westerager of Nadia Albano Style Inc., says “It is important to source out your makeup artist ahead of time and have a consultation and trial”. She also goes on to say “Let your makeup artist know about any allergies, look at photos of makeup applications. Remember to bring makeup blotting sheets, powder, and lipstick to reception”.

Jasmine Hoffman:  Jasmine uses top of the line products such as Shu, Vemura, Makeup Forever, Mac and Stilla cosmetics to make for a flawless look that is perfect for weddings. “After all, your makeup is the ultimate artistic expression and you should shine your best too.”

Tip from The Wedding Lady™

  • Book way ahead of time for trials and perhaps arrange this when you are going out that night and also book Wedding Day ahead of time.


The eyes are the first thing people see when looking at you. Your eyes appear bigger, brighter and more accentuated.

The main difference between synthetic and mink lashes is in the quality. Because mink is 100% natural fur, it provides a natural shine, is super lightweight and flexible and gives a feather like look. Whereas synthetic eyelashes are cheaper, irritating to the eye, unnatural when worn, and can feel a lot heavier than mink lashes” quotes Mink Lash Boutique.


Beautiful groomed eyebrows should be on the Must Have list for brides.  Eyebrows are one of the most important features on a woman’s face. They enhance the shape of your eyes and frame your face. Good brows make you look rested, fresh healthy and so attractive.  Following are some recommended timelines:

  • Six months before your wedding you should go to a professional brow expert or company like Brow Bar if you want to grow your lashes out or change the shape and then closer to wedding day they will do the final appointment;
  • Your makeup artist should be able to fill brows in correctly;
  • Beautiful filled in brows also really make a difference in photos and make your eyes pop; and
  • Do not leave your brows to the last minute.


New in town Joy Ride in Kitsilano.  All organic products, 350 colours to select from.

A JOYFUL ESCAPE FROM THE EVERYDAY:  Joyride is a modern nail studio providing an experience that’s equal parts style and service, without skimping on the details. Think all-natural, organic body products, hard-to-find polish brands and colours, iPads at every seat, and a drink menu featuring fresh-pressed juices and hand-crafted coffees, all delivered by a team that’s talented, trained and sharp as a tack.

Recently I experienced Four Seasons Nails & Spa in West Vancouver and was very impressed with the service and friendly staff.  They welcome bridal parties and have a private room downstairs for small groups to be pampered!


You want to look and feel your absolute best when you walk down the aisle. Do not wait until six months before the wedding – I suggest a good year.  Find the best location for fitness or bootcamp that works for you. Perhaps have your wedding party join with you and you can all reap the benefits of exercising and supporting each other. 

Perhaps you may want to hire a personal coach to work with you and set you on a plan to feel and look your very best…you can set realistic expectations…don’t crash diet…exercise and work out for energy and to relieve wedding planning stress in order to reach your set goals.

You want to feel confident and proud of the hard work you have done and look stunning in your wedding gown.  Remember all eyes will be on you!


Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance” Coco Channel

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