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My parents, John and Dori met on New Year’s Eve, many moons ago in the romantic Bahamas. They were both invited to a New Year’s Eve Party. My father wore black tuxedo pants, white dress shirt, bow tie, cummerbund and a cream dinner jacket.

Some Enchanted Evening_Page_2My Father’s cummerbund, bow tie and cuff links purchased in the Bahamas.  Watch: Birks.

He caught my mother’s beautiful brown eyes which were filled with tears as she was thinking of a lost love, across a crowded room just a few moments before New Year’s…he was enchanted by this woman who looked so sad at this time. Little did he know that one of his friends, Betine had arranged for them to meet on this special evening. She had told my mother that she had a handsome English friend to introduce her to. My father was told nothing…he did not need to be introduced as he had already noticed her across that crowded room…and, was determined to meet her.

She was wearing this dress, yes, I kept and treasured it all these years…strapless, black netting with gold dots. It was meant to be and they met and fell madly in love.

Some Enchanted Evening_Page_3

My mother’s purse – vintage Birks.  Jewellery: antique amethyst purchased in the Bahamas.  Shoes: Michael Kors belonging to Susan.

They loved dressing up on special occasions and New Year’s Eve was always extra romantic and memorable for them.

They lived for each other and my sister, Andrea and I; it was a magical childhood in the Bahamas…swimming in the family pool, boating to Rose Island in my father’s boat “Kismet”, travelling to England by sea and North Carolina. They read poetry to each other in my father’s den. Had cocktail hour most nights when my father would take off his business suit and change and my mother was always in something long.

We were not allowed into their beautiful living room overlooking the patio, kidney shaped swimming pool and orchards for the first half hour, which was just for them.  I sometimes made little hors d’ oeuvres for them.

Some Enchanted Evening_Page_4

My sister moved away, and then I did and finally they retired to Niagara Falls where their love story continued until they both passed away.

I got my love of fashion, clothes, poetry and writing from my mother and my love of current events and history from my father.

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They loved Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra and each other!

A toast to you, Mummy and Daddy, you will always be the wind beneath my wings.

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Susan and Martin’s Bar

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