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How to Create a New Page

1. On the administration menu select Pages, then Add New.


2. Next, on the Add New page, you can enter and style new content. You can click on the Save Draft button to save as a draft or Publish button to have the page appear live.

 To preview the page before you publish or update the page, you can click on the Preview button to view the new page in a new window.

note: you can return a published page to a draft page by changing/editing the Status.


3. Optional: In the section for WordPress SEO by Yoast, enter terms for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and then click on the Published/Update button to apply to the new page. If you don’t enter anything the SEO defaults will apply.


Note: You do not need to edit any other sections. (For example, your website template may not use featured Image.)

4. Once you have published a page, you can view the page directly by it’s permalink (URL). The permalink will appear below the Page title field once a page title has been entered. A long permalink may be edited to make it shorter and more search engine friendly. You must take a additional step to add the new page as a link on the main menu.



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