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Add a New Menu Item

1. From the Administration Menu, select Appearance and then Menus.

note: Subscribers and Editor user roles do not have access to Appearance options. Request Administrative access.


2. Now on the Edit Menu page, ensure that the correct menu is in the dropdown for Select a menu to edit. The header menu is used for the main navigation on your website.

3. From the Pages Options box, check off the Page that you want to add to the header menu. Likely, new pages will appear on the Most Recent tab. You can also find a page by using the search tool on the Search tab. Once your selection is complete, click on the Add to Menu button. A new menu item(s) will appear as a block on the right side, under Menu Structure.


4. To place the new menu item in the desired position, click and HOLD, to initiate the drag function (the arrow changes to a four point move cursor). Drag the menu-item to where you want it and let go.

note: To place a menu item under an existing menu item, drag it inwards so that it appears indented underneath it. The text sub item will appear beside it.


5. When you are finished adding and placing your new menu item, click on the SAVE menu button in the lower or top right of the Edit menu page.


On the front-end of the website your new menu item should now appear.
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