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2014 Wedding Trends

Take it from a Vancouver Wedding Planner, 2014 is a beautiful year to be a bride in both Vancouver an the rest of the world! The theme of this year’s wedding trends is both elegant and timeless, ranging from elegant outdoors to wonderful modern vintage. The 2014 Wedding Trends are:

  1. Bareback Dresses – Of course, this also means Elegant Updos.
  2. Beach Weddings – Lavish yourself in the excitement of a beach wedding! [Want a Maui Wedding? I am a Maui Wedding Planner!]
  3. Champagne Diamond Rings – Perfect ring for all skin tones, this rich and elegant diamond is beautiful in wedding rings.
  4. Elegant Outdoor Weddings – Immerse yourself in natural beauty.
  5. Lace Wedding Decor – Lace has stood the test of time, and so will your wonderful marriage.
  6. Mint Wedding Color Schemes – A refreshing and elegant touch to your big day.
  7. Vintage Weddings – Timeless and classic weddings.
Elegant beach weddings are the epitome of romantic.

Elegant beach weddings are the epitome of romantic.

Click each 2014 Wedding Trend to learn more about each trend and to view great inspiration photos for your own wedding!

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